Delivery Information

Production Cycle of Your Canvas;

The cycle of your order kicks off by us sending measurements for the manufacturing of your canvas frames to our expert artisans, measurements tailored to the specifics of your order. After completion, the frames are then sent to our printers to be carefully wrapped with your chosen artwork which has been painstakingly printed not to omit the most minute detail, we believe in details so much that our prints always comes out magnificent!

Thereafter, your canvas will be properly finalized and inspected for any errors that might have occurred in the manufacturing process. Only after it has passed our quality control test will we send it out to our courier partner to be shipped off to you.

The Delivery;

The processes above takes about 5-7 working days mainly due to the amount of orders we receive, so do give us a timeframe of 5-7 days to ship your perfect art piece to you. When it comes to delivery, our motto is ‘Doing it right always’!